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~ Baby Mat

Waterproof, Handy, Versatile & Protective!


Size: 50cm x 70cm


No matter you are at home or on-the-go and travel, put it on a changing table, bassinet, cradle, bed, sofa or on your lap, this versatile and multi-use waterproof mat gets the job done!


If you're diapering parents, then you must really consider using a baby mat. Waterproof baby mat is a necessary piece of baby equipment for diapering parents. Not only it protects your baby from dirty surfaces but also helps prevent diaper leaks from spilling over the changing area. This multipurpose baby mat features 3 layers construction, one side bamboo terry surface, another side cotton flannel and a middle waterproof barrier of TPU layer (PUL). No matter you are at home or on-the-go and travel, put it on a changing table, bassinet, cradle, bed, sofa or on your lap, this versatile and multi-use waterproof mat gets the job done! Simply toss the mat in your diaper bag and you'll have a clean and hygienic surface when changing your baby. A must have for parents on the go!







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Baby Mat - Handy, Versatile & Protective!

Size: (50cm x 70cm).

Fabric: (Cottom Flannel + Waterproof TPU Film + Bamboo Terry)








Cottom Flannel + Waterproof TPU Film + Bamboo Terry



Baby Mat Features:

  • Reusable and Washable - Use-wash-reuse again and again.
  • Safe and Healthy - Unlike traditional waterproof mats that use vinyl (PVC) as barrier, this mat uses a toxic free, noise free and breathable material called TPU. This waterproof material allows your child’s body heat to pass through while still providing waterproof protection.
  • Perfectly Sized - 50cm x 70cm is large enough for toddlers! The only baby mat you'll need until your baby is out of diapers.
  • Light and Portable - Easily fold up and take up minimal room, making it suitable for throwing in the bottom of your diaper bag.
  • Waterproof and Protective - It is almost towel like and able to soak up wet accidents, protect your changing area from a poop river.
  • Soft and Irritant Free - Your baby will be incredibly comfortable laying on the soft cotton flannel and bamboo terry surface of this changing pad.
  • Double-sided Reversible - You can choose either side as your preferred workout surface. If a diaper leaks onto one side, you will have another side for the next changing time!
  • Multipurpose - Not just for diaper changing, it is also perfect for playtime or while massaging baby!





Baby Mat can be washed easily by hand. You may gently wash it with soapy water, rinse thoroughly then hang to dry. If the mat is soiled/stained, for hygiene reasons you will need to wash it at the end of a day. If you choose to machine wash the mat, laundry net is highly recommended to preserve the softness of the both flannel and terry fabric!

  • Do not soak the mat for long hours. It may cause PUL delamination.
  • Do not use harsh detergent. Harsh detergent will shorten lifespan of fabric and cause skin allergies. Use mild and enzyme free detergent or delicate fabric wash.
  • Do not bleach, as they are easily damaged by bleaching.
  • Do not use moisturizing soap and fabric softener, as they tend to block the micro-gaps in the fibres leading to reduced absorbency.
  • Wash dirty mat daily to prevent stinky and mold/mildew issue. However if you cannot do laundry on daily basis, you may rinse it and hang it dry while waiting for laundry.
  • Cold/warm wash below 40degc and hang/line dry. Avoid excessive sun drying to preserve the PUL lamination and avoid color fading. Once it's dry, bring it in!





Usually you will need 2 mats in rotation, so that you can always have one clean mat on hand while waiting for another one to dry.



























Breathable and Absorbent bamboo terry

Comfortable and Gorgeous Cotton Flannel



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