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Cloth Diaper Day & Night Solution Packs


New to Cloth Diaper? Confused? Overwhelmed? Then, grab these Value Packs!


Our convenient Day & Night Cloth Diaper Packs make cloth diapering easy! With our complete Day & Night diapering solution, you can save your money and time from unnecessary trials and errors to find out the correct system...because we have done all that for you over the years!! Best cloth diapering solution is all about using a right diaper at a right time to ensure ultimate Comfort, Fitting and Protection on your little ones. BambooLite complete Day & Night diapering system makes cloth diapering Simple, Complete & Effective ANY time, ANY where! We have packed our diapers into 2 types of diapering packs to meet every familly's lifestyle and budget:


Regular Pack - Come with Regular Diaper Soaker (9 oz capacity)

Premium Pack - Come with Premium Diaper Soaker (13 oz capacity)


Our cloth diapers will fit most babies up to 3 years old! With our Full Time Solution Pack, you will not need to use disposable diapers anymore!





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Part-Time Pack


ONE FULL DAY SUPPLY: 3x Cover + 6x Diaper Soaker


The Part-Time Pack is a good start with cloth diapers. It provides one full-day supply of cloth diapers. It is ideal for parents who are easing into cloth for the first time, but are not ready to invest in full time cloth diapering. To cloth diaper full time you will need more than this as you need to factor in the laundry and drying time. You may proceed to our Full-Time Pack to get a better deal!

Part Time Pack (Regular)

  • 6 Regular Diaper Soaker
  • 3x Cover
  • RM198.00 RM148.50


Part Time Pack (Premium)

  • 6 Premium Diaper Soaker
  • 3x Cover
  • RM258.00 RM193.50



Full-Time Pack


TWO FULL DAY SUPPLY: 6x Cover + 12x Diaper Soaker


The Full-Time Pack is a great investment for any full-time cloth diapering family. It provides two full-day supply of cloth diapers. Full-Time Pack gives you the right amount of diapers for full time use. The number of cloth diapers you need depends on how much you want to invest to begin and how often you want to do laundry. This pack is good for full time use, washing everyday.

Full Time Pack (Regular)

  • 12 Regular Diaper Soaker
  • 6x Cover
  • RM396.00 RM297.00


Full Time Pack (Premium)

  • 12 Premium Diaper Soaker
  • 6x Cover
  • RM516.00 RM387.00







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