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~ Long Pad / Heavy Pad


Extra Long, Wide Tail and Very Absorbent


(Length33cm     Type: Heavy absorbency - great for normal and heavy flow use)


Worry free with the maximum protection and comfort of BambooLite Long Pads! An extra long and absorbent pad, with wide contoured back, specially designed to provide more coverage during your menstrual day. The Long Pad is suitable for normal and heavy flow use. It can also be used as a postpartum pad. Extra long at 33cm and wider in the back for extra absorbency and providing coverage where you need it most!





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Long Pad - For Normal and Heavy flow use

Extra long at 33cm and wider in the back for extra absorbency and coverage.

RM35.00 RM26.25







BambooLite cloth menstrual pad is one piece system (All-In-One Pad) with a built-in leak-proof PUL. The breathable and waterproof hidden PUL protect against leaks while remaining breathable and comfortably soft. The pads are hypoallergenic and made with decorative designer cotton outer, natural bamboo core & luxury plush minky inner! They are a healthy and green alternative to disposable menstrual pads, both for you and for the planet. They are comfortable, easy to use and easy to wash. And they'll save your money too! BambooLite Cloth Pads work equally or even better than disposable pads. You can expect to use approximately that same number of Pads per day.




Stain-Resistant & Cuddly Soft Minky Topped


Minky Material Does Not Stain!




Cloth Pad Features:

  • No Leaks & No Mess - Highly absorbent and leak-proof like disposable pads!
  • Comfortable & Breathable - No plastic, no sweaty and itchy rash!
  • Easy to Wear and Conveninet - No extra parts needed, just snap on and go!
  • Earth Friendly & Money Saving - Reusable and washable up to 5-6 years!
  • Safe & Healthy - No chemical gel, no harmful dioxin and bleaching agent!
  • Incredibly Soft & Irritant Free - No skin chaffing, no allergies and irritation!
  • Stain Resistant and Easy to Wash - No staining and bad smelling, after laundry they will be fresh & clean like new!
  • Approximately (33cm) long and (7cm-8.5cm) wide when snapped, adjustable snap settings.

Cloth Pad Structures:

  • Top Layer: 1 Minky Topped (1st layer close to skin).
  • Absorbent Layer: 2 Hidden bamboo/cotton layers (2nd & 3rd layer) sewn to the top layer of the pad.
  • Waterproof Layer: 1 Hidden breathable PUL as 4th layer.
  • Bottom Layer: 1 Decorative Cotton layer as backing.






Autumn Garden



Batik Flowers






Classsic Roses



Paisley Blue



Eden Pure



Spring Blossoms



Medium Dots



Large Blossoms

Four Petals

Diamond Florals





Wear the super soft minky (fluffy & solid colour) layer next to your skin while the printed side of the pad touches your underwear. Simply place the pad in your underwear and fasten flaps together underneath with the Snap. 




After use, simply fold the used pad as in the illustrations and keep it in waterproof purse(Pad Bags) or zip lock bag until washing time. You do not need to rinse the used pads when you are away from home. Cloth pad does not smell bad like disposable!






Cloth pads can be washed easily by hand or in the washing machine. You may soak them in cold water for 30 minutes before washing. Most of the blood comes out in the soaking process. After that, it’s just like washing your clothes. Our cloth pads are Minky topped. Minky fabric is stain resistant. You do not have to worry about them becoming stained, after washing they will be fresh & clean like new!

  1. Remove your used pad.
  2. Put it in the sink and turn on the cold water.
  3. Rinse it and squeeze it gently until the blood is removed or the water is running clear.
  4. Rub some liquid soap over the pad, gently knead the pads (like you're kneading bread) for a minute or two just enough that they get soaped up. For heavy stain, you may leave it on for few hours before washing.
  5. Rinse thoroughly then gently squeeze out the water.
  6. Hang to dry.





Kaylee Koh

10 reviews

Awesome! This product is great! When it first came, I was a little put off by its thickness (it is thinner and shorter than my Kotex extra long pad), but I am able to use it even longer hours than my normal pad with no sign of leaking at all! It is thin and comfortable. I use the day & night pads exclusively for 3 cycles (3 months). Normally my skin is sensitive and get irritated in the middle of a cycle. But, these products have saved my life. Never encounter any skin irritation since using cloth pads!!! :D :D Awesome, awesome, awesome! 


Shafinah Mikhail

9 reviews

Does as it says! Please continue to carry this range! Beautifully made, very comfortable and hold very well for one whole night. Thanks for making this eco women items for us! 


Samantha Loh

8 reviews

These are awesome! I will never use disposable pads again!! they are soft and don't bother me at all like the disposable ones do with chafing and sweating. They are easy to wash and care for. I really like the comfort and design of this product. I will definitely get some more and refer this product to my friends.



7 reviews

I bought one of this and gosh I loved it! Does not leak at all! I recommend this! Affordable and functional


Yong Wei

6 reviews

Got this night pad as well day pad from Bamboolite. Love them all. Sooooo... soft and comfortable. Totally not the same kind of feeling as compared to disposable one. Gentle on skin, and bulletproof for my heavy flow! Thumbs up! Plus point = it is trim, not bulky at all...


Hamidah Md Ghazali

5 reviews

Last well for one whole night with no leaking. Super comfy to wear, feel like not wearing a heavy pad. No bad odour at all next morning. And very easy to wash. Zero "0" staining after washing (clean like new). I am very happy with it!


Fazilah Samsudin

4 reviews

Very soft & comfortable. No leaking for one whole night. Amazingly stop my skin rashes and period cramps. I bought their deluxe pack (pantyliners + day pads + night pads), love them all! Will never look back chemical pads anymore!!


Stephanie Lai

3 reviews

This Night Pad not only thin and soft, it hold very well for overnight! Good absorbency, easy to clean, pretty design, and great protection. I would recommend these to anyone wanting to make the switch.


Aisyah Ismail

2 reviews

I am sooo glad that I came across BambooLite cloth pads! I have always had heavy flows that sometimes ruined underwear and sheets due to leakage. These pads are not only super comfy and great for the environment, but they are also the only pad I have found to be long enough to wear overnight with no accidents. Unlike disposable pads that leak, don't breathe and are uncomfortable, these are simply amazing! No matter how much I toss and turn, this pad will keep me covered.



2 reviews

Very comfortable especially at night time when i have to lie down and afraid that i will stain the mattress. Now after using cloth night pad for a few months, no more worries. I can even roll freely in bed. Good absorption, won't spoil your panty because it fits perfectly. Easy to adjust the position on the panty.



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