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~ Mini Booster


Increase capacity of your cloth diaper while keeping the whole diaper trim!


To be paired with soaker/insert. Pairs well with most of the soakers/inserts in the market.


One Insert Is Not Enough? Two Inserts Are Too Bulky? Booster is just right for adding absorbency you need while keeping the whole diaper trim! It economically extends the capacity of any diaper while keeping the whole diaper trim. You can simply stuff it in the Master Soaker envelope to increase the overall absorbency or you may use it as zone booster. To use it as zone booster, fold it in half and place it at the wettest zone of your baby. For example. in front of the diaper for baby boy(front wetter) or in the middle of the diaper for baby girl(middle wetter). One piece of Mini Booster can increase 2.5 oz capacity at only 2mm thickness!






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Mini Booster - Slim and Trim,  just right for adding absorbency you need while keeping the whole diaper trim.


2 layers heavyweight bamboo absorbent layers.

Capacity (2.5 oz), Thickness (2mm), Dimension (29.5cm x 9.0cm)


RM7.00 RM5.25





Bamboo Booster is a 2-layer bamboo/cotton booster made from organic and eco-friendly fabric. It is soft and very absorbent. Bamboo Booster measures approximately 29.5cm(Length), 9.00cm(Width). For the size of the booster, you'll be amazed by the amount of liquid it can absorb. When use with other insert, this booster can boost up the total absorbency. It is compatible with most of the diapers in the market.





If you want to add on booster for extra absorbency, follow the instructions below before place the soaker in the diaper cover.

Booster can be added on to increase the absorbency

Sandwich the booster neatly in the middle of folded soaker.

It is now ready to place in the diaper cover.




Absorbent Layer: 2 High density Bamboo/Cotton blend layers.





Booster size: 29.5cm x 9.0cm.

Booster thickness: 2mm.





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